The API for tradeable digital assets

Instamint™ let’s you mint and manage digital assets within a few lines of code, incur zero to low gas fees without the need for crypto wallets, expensive smart contract developers or blockchain nodes.

Save time and money, get deep analytics and access a broad asset template library with our core APIs – Meta™, Disburse® and Yield

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Meta is an API for B2B minting and managing NFTs and NFT transactions across asset classes and counterparties. Meta works across a number of blockchains including Ethereum and Polygon and maximizes value and scalability for the enterprise. Meta let’s you roll out self-sovereign smart contracts and empower the issuer or publisher.


The Disburse API simplifies the process creating and collecting on complex royalty structures, running sophisticated NFT auction strategies and settlement of payments for NFTs across traditional and crypto rails.


Slated for release mid-2022, Yield is an API that lets enterprises search, seek and find liquidity pools for NFT borrowing and lending.


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